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Thermal stressing of DUTs from -60°C up to +200°C
High power devices >100W -  Rapid transition rates -  Extended low temp testing

Mechanical Devices is introducing the MaxTC - a new powerful temperature forcing system, which has the greatest cooling power of any products in its field, offering 52W @ -40°C resp. 182W @ 0°C, with rapid transition rates up to 50K/min.

That means e.g., the system can keep a high-power chip, fully activated and emitting 50W of heat, at -40°C, during the whole test run, and so shortening test time by half at least.

As it is fluid and compressed-air free, it is safe, reliable and cost effective compared to water or air based solutions.

The MaxTC offers an innovative temperature testing solution that allows you to perform device, board, and module testing right where you need it - at your test bench, in your production facility, in your lab.

The Max TC is perfectly integrated in production with handlers and ATE (Automatic Test Equipment). It is available not only in the standard version w a small thermal head, but also as a thermal plate in different sizes up to 300x300mm. The MaxTC is already successfully used by leading semiconductor companies.

The thermal plate version is certainly very suitable and adaptable for various kinds of cooing applications, e.g. cooling laser heads.

MaxTC is self-contained and maintenance free designed to make your temperature testing as simple and cost effective as possible. It is standalone system that only requires a standard electrical power wall outlet and evtl. a dry purge for frost free operation.

The high cooling power, high transition rate, and state of the art performance of our new system combined with extended temperature range have resulted in the most comprehensive achievement in the industry for years.

Device Plungers are interchangeable and installed in the Max thermal head by operators in the field. Plungers are designed and manufactured by our engineers to meet customer specification.


  • Temperature range -60°C to +200°C
  • Temperature accuracy of ±0.5°C
  • Rapid temperature cycling rates up 50K/min
  • Very cost effective reg. system price and low power consumption
  • Very compact (55x45x30cm)
  • Ultra-quiet operation 45 dB(A)
  • Self-contained system - no external chiller and no compressed air required
  • Fluid-free operation, Maintenance-free system
  • Software Calibrated
  • Suitable for testing socketed, soldered and bare die devices
  • Integrates with any packages and existing socket brand on the market
  • Environmental friendly operation
  • Maximum Cooling Power (25ºC to -40ºC in ~ 2 min. 25ºC to 125ºC in ~2 min.)
  • Perfectly integrated with handlers and ATE testers

DUT Interface Options

MaxTC creates a direct contact with soldered or socketed DUT via interchangeable plunger. A vast variety of mechanical interface options are available.

User Interface

MaxTC operations are controlled by a simple and user-friendly, 7" color touch-screen with a menu driven graphical user interface, which includes advanced programming options.

Remote Communication

MaxTC can be remotely controlled through an Ethernet communication port, established via a text file programming w every software package on the market.  Lab VIEW, C++, MATLAB, Visual Basic, TICKLE, Perl, Lynux, and Python etc. can all communicate with the MaxTC and control its operation.