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PDS PreciFluid®

Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in France, the PreciFluid® volumetric dispensing system will impress the user with its innovative actuator technology. The intuitive handling and ergonomic, low-weight of the dispensing system enables a precise and reproducible process for adhesives with different and changing viscosities, as well as for other fluids.  The accuracy is seven times greater than conventional dispensing systems. The smallest reproducible dispensing amount is 0.06 microliters.

The actuator units are available for 3 cc, 5 cc, 10 cc and 30 cc syringes.

The unit is lighter than a smartphone and allows fatigue-free working. The high-precision linear motor ensures the reproducibility of the defined quantity to be dispensed regardless of temperature or viscosity fluctuations.


The PreciFluid® sets new standards in applications of high precision dispensing.