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Delta-X High Resolution X-Ray inspection system

Jordan Valley's Delta-X is the latest generation of flexible X-ray diffraction instruments for thin-film materials research, process development, and quality control. Featuring fully automated source optics, the system can switch between standard XRD, High-Resolution, and X-ray reflectivity modes without user intervention. Measurements can be run in partial or fully automated modes, with user-customizable scripts handling the routine work. The instrument is designed for a variety of thin-film applications, including high resolution rocking curves, reciprocal space mapping, X-ray topography (digital imaging), X-ray reflectivity, Grazing Incidence XRD, Phase ID, residual stress, film texture and grain size analysis. The sample stage consists of a robust 5-axis Eulerian cradle, with 300 mm wafer mapping, and capacity for both large and small samples, and multi-sample locations. Leading edge data analysis packages, such as RADS and REFS provide expert data presentation and interpretation. The Delta-X is the ideal, multi-application thin-film materials research tool – for now and into the future.

The Delta-X is a materials research and development system for 300mm processes and below. Intended for use with Silicon, III/V, SiC, LED, Solar, Research and Development, & Universities.