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The QC-Velox high throughput coupled with excellent repeatability enables fast feedback of the layer quality and structure. This can only be achieved with

  • High throughput measurements
  • Fast, accurate analysis
  • Fast, convenient and user-friendly feedback.

The QC-Velox utilised the latest generation of HRXRD technology to enable the highest throughput on the market for HRXRD, coupled with repeatable data.

Once the data is collected, often in a few seconds, the data is automatically analyzed using JV RADS, the most trusted and popular HRXRD analysis software available.

Once the data is collected, the results are displayed in a user-customisable report, which includes the layer information but also statistics about the wafer. Other useful information, such as wafer bow and radius of curvature can also be displayed on the report. This report is saved locally, displayed to the user and can also be saved onto a network path to enable any department.

The QC-Velox is critical to all processes involving epi growth. Typically the growth is performed using MOCVD, but the metrology equally applies to MOVPE and MBE systems.