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RKD Engineering Corp.

RKD Engineering has its roots in 1996, when Kirk Martin working with Richard Cabral, both with Medusa Associates, and Dan Kaschalk of KAS Machine Products, developed the first positive displacement diaphragm pump that could reliably dispense fuming nitric acid. These first generation pumps were manufactured for use in the B&G Enterprises Model 300 nitric acid decapsulator.  Few of these first generation pumps were built but several survived over 7 years of hard service dispensing one of the most corrosive acids known. In 1998, the same group developed a second generation pump that combined 3 source selection valves and the pump components into a single, monolithic, pump body. This pump was incorporated into the Nisene Technology Group Model 250F dual acid decapsulator and resulted in the acquisition of Medusa Associated by Nisene Technology Group.

In 2002, Kirk Martin left Nisene starting a small consulting business. Later that year, he started work on a fourth generation dispensing pump design.  This generation was much faster, stronger,  and more reliable than the previous generations and allowed for greater flexibility in combining multiple flow paths and even multiple pumps into a single, monolithic, body. Working with Cabral and Kaschalk, the design was perfected and extensively tested both for operational parameters and lifetime.

RKD Engineering was formed in January of 2006 in Scotts Valley California, a small town half way between Silicon Valley and the Pacific Ocean. The three original principles have over 70 years of combined experience in the semiconductor industry with 50 years in supplying equipment for failure analysis. They have been involved in the designing of every U.S. made plastic package decapsulator since 1988 and are the inventors of all acid dispensing technology used in U.S. made decapsulators. This dispensing technology has allowed the development of our extensive fluid handling solutions and the development of the fastest and most repeatable dual acid decapsulator in the industry. In addition to acid decapsulators, RKD Engineering makes an extensive line of failure analysis sample preparation systems making them a one stop shop for sample preparation.

RKD Engineering will continue to develop products that will make sample preparation easier, faster, and more accurate as well as extending its expertise into new markets such as counterfeit detection and photovoltaic processing and evaluation. Our engineering expertise is available for custom tooling and process equipment.

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