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Dimensional Products

NanoCD Standards

  • 25, 45, 70 and 110 nm Line Width
  • Used with SEMs and CD-AFMs

Nanolattice Standard (NLS)

The NanoLattice Module Standard (NLSM) is a CD SEM calibration standard which enables accurate sub 0.13 μm lithography. The NanoLattice has the 0.1 μm pitch required for sub 0.13 μm SEM magnification calibration and characterization of non-linearity across the field of view.

Step Height Standards

  • Etched steps in quartz or silicon dioxide pattern on a silicon wafer
  • Used with Mechanical and Optical Surface Profilers

Surface Topography Standards

  • 3-Dimensional pattern etched in silicon or quartz in die form or on 200 mm or 300 mm wafers
  • Used with Scanning Probe Microscopes

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