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UV and Hybrid-Cure


Epoxy Technology, Inc. offers a complete line of high performance Ultraviolet (UV) cure adhesives ranging in viscosity, flexibility, refractive index and light transmission. UV cure epoxies provide advantages such as single component (no mixing) chemistries, solvent-less accurate alignment of components, ease of automation, improved production rates and thermal energy savings over conventional systems (little power consumption) by the elimination of all or part of curing by heat.


The products of this new line allow initial UV tacking, followed by a thermal cure for overall process improvement, ease of handling and higher thru-put.

Contrary to UV-cure products, these products must have a thermal post cure between 80 – 150°C. 

They are tack free after 10 – 20 seconds UV-exposure. Their 85°C/85 % RH resistance is comparable to the worldwide standard EPO-TEK® 353ND.  

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